Cypress | Letters

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dena Robertson, the founder of Cypress. She not only inspired, but reinforced the idea of sending packages in the mail. Cypress is known for beautifully hand-crafted albums. I have been a fan for years and love to receive them in the mail.

Speaking of mail, I am a complete believer in mailing anything and everything to someone you hold dear. If only I could live in the days of quills and hand delivered letters via horseback. Don't get me wrong, I love a good email or Facebook post. But there's something to be said about an unexpected note that's been stamped, made a journey, and is waiting to spend time with you. What is there to say exactly? Well, I think you should unplug, take a moment and write a letter or send a piece of inspiration to that old friend, that new friend, your mom, your partner... and do it today. The receiver will surely smile from your thoughtful gesture. And won't you too?